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Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming and cutting are part of the services offered by Tom O'Rourke landscaping. Generally it takes two to three years for a hedge to grow out to the stage where it needs trimming, and the kind of trimming that shapes the hedge is usually done during the warmer months of the year.

Larger or longer hedges need more powerful machinery to prune them and we have the latest in fully certified hedge trimming technology, so no matter how big or tall the hedge, we can make sure it's cared for properly. We keep the equipment sharp and properly maintained, which contributes to our perfect safety record.

The professional hedge trimming techniques used to produce straight and correct lines are the product of years of experience and practical knowledge combined with an understanding of garden and green area layout. Aesthetically your hedge is like the frame for a photograph or painting, so it's generally seem as something that should be a contributor to the look and feel of the garden, although hedge elements can be centrepieces too.

Regular trimming and pruning will make sure your garden looks great and the hedges don't become wild and overgown, which can cause even a well maintained garden or park to look unkempt. Formal and informal hedges, flowering hedges, maintenance trimming, shrubs, evergreen hedges, and deciduous hedges all need to be shaped differently and at different times.

Afterwards we remove all trimmings and dispose of them in an ecologically friendly manner. Professional shaping and pruning are an essential part of Tom's skills, so give him a call and see how he can help you today!

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Excellent quality workmanship and superb service. Top quality equipment and garden machinery. Hard working and very professional.

I would highly recommend Tom for his expertise and high standards, he has very good design ideas.

Eamonn McHugh

At O'Rourke Landscaping in Mayo we offer a quality service with honesty and integrity.

Using the best materials & equipment for our Mayo tree surgery and landscaping we ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard and we have recently invested in new modern equipment and machinery to deal with even the most difficult tree surgery Mayo projects. We are fully insured for public and employer liability cover.

Our passion for all gardening, landscaping Mayo and Mayo tree surgery is evident in our ever expanding customer base across the West of Ireland, including Castlbar, Westport and Claremorris.